Honored and dear friends,
be welcomed in my OLGA ART GALLERY, which include and introduce art from our Slovak artists.

Already in the 70ies as a young teacher, I started to have interest in art of our artists. I could be considered as a happy person that at this time, I did have the chance to meet them in person! I enjoyed being with this remarkably personalities! Very often I watched in the atelier Milan Laluha and I learned how such an extraordinary piece of art, full of color, configurations and figure does ensue. I did have a possibility to think about what the maestro did have in mind and also to obtain an explanation directly from him. I was grateful for the pleasant moments spend with extraordinary people, as have been and are: Albín Brunovský, Vladimír Gažovič, Karol Ondreička, Andrej Barčík, Milan Paštéka, Vladimír Kompánek, Róbert Brun, Běla Kolčáková, Andrej Rudavský a Marienka Rudavská, Dušan Stopjak, Rudolf Krivoš, Ivan Vychlopen and their families.

I loved the smell of paint and turpentine and the transformation of various materials, stone, bronze, wood, glass, into sculptures, which at the end did reveal the perfection of configurations. Also today I follow with amazement the work of Ota Bachorík, his ideas embedded into bronze, as through various phases of creating a mastery result. Same applies to the wonderful colorful externalization of the pictures of Zuzana Rabina Bachoríková.

In the monographs of our artists, which also could be find in my gallery you could be informed about all aspects of their creations.

When visiting galleries abroad, I did always feel a pride when projecting the art work of our artists as Peter Pollág, Ivan Pavle, Víťo Bojňanský, Katarína Vavrová, Alexej Vojtášek, Martin Dzurek, Ladislav Černý, Vladimír Plachý, Noemi Kolčáková, Karina Kolčáková, Eva Holáková, Ria Treppo Gažíková and a lot of others.

In my gallery I would like to offer a view full of wonderful art pieces for those who love art. My ambition is to help in deciding for an art piece, to offer information about artists and fulfill your dreams! Nevertheless, I am involved in on other art projects (e.g. cooperation with SAIPH,s.r.o.) and further information related to my gallery could be find at the http://www.itvip.sk/sk/pre-partnerov/prinos/reklamni/olga-art-gallery.

Let my gallery become for all those who love art a place, which would be helpful in selecting art, which could shape the interior and with taste make people happy when looking everyday at it!